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Attorney Sekou Clarke Explains How Champs Shaped His Life

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Attorney Sekou Clarke recently spoke to the Jamaica Observer about how the rigors of Champs helped make him the successful legal professional he is today. Attorney Clarke is a former star athlete at Jamaica College and won three consecutive titles between 1998 and 2000. Mr. Clarke obtained his law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law and founded the Sekou Clarke Law Group one year ago.

Speaking to the Observer, Attorney Clarke said, “Everything I am today was developed from competing at Champs. Coping with defeat and failure, being humble and embracing winning, working with a team and leading a team, and always being hungry for success.”

When asked how his time at Champs contributed to his experience as an attorney, Mr. Clarke said, “The thick skin and mental toughness I developed from competing at Champs is what I use in the courtroom and when representing clients today. The legal environment is fierce —nothing is handed to me — but it's up to me to either find a way or make a way, because people's lives are now at stake, and not points.”

Attorney Clarke received a scholarship from the University of Florida after he graduated from Jamaica College. His first-hand experience with the US immigration system has allowed him to serve as a strong legal advocate for clients dealing with a variety of immigration matters.

“When I was in high school I did English law at A' levels, so I had the interest from an early age. I've always seen myself as an advocate. Practicing law is now my passion; I couldn't see myself doing anything else,” said Mr. Clarke.

To learn more about how Champs helped shape Sekou Clarke into the attorney he is today, read his interview with the Jamaica Observer.

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