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New Book Coming Soon: Making America Great: The Immigrant Experience by Sekou Clarke

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As the U.S. grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, they represent 25 percent of our doctors, 38 percent of our home health aides, a third of our agricultural workers and 22 percent of our food industry employees.

They are immigrants, and it is impossible to tell the American story without them.

Yet, the polarization of immigration, the rapid rise of xenophobia and the belief that immigrants only come to the U.S. to drain social services, harm innocent families and wreak havoc on American democracy and values has exploded in recent years, especially under the Trump administration. Immigrants have become a scapegoat for economic issues and domestic threats despite factual data proving otherwise. The result is a festering humanitarian crisis rife with attacks not only on undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers but on legal immigrants and naturalized citizens as well.

In his new book, Making America Great: The Immigrant Experience, attorney Sekou Clarke invites readers to learn about the value immigrants have added to a number of U.S. industries and institutions over time and explores the theory that America has not become weaker because it became different but stronger because it embraced those differences.

Clarke examines immigration and the U.S. Constitution as well as the evolution of immigrant labor and policy over the years, including the history of the border wall, the plight of asylum seekers and the controversy of family separation as well as the emergence of ICE, profit-based detention centers, DACA and President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy. He argues that immigration transcends political party lines and should be a unified humanitarian fight with bipartisan economic advocates.

This new book also breathes life into the real experiences of immigrants today as Clarke shares true immigrant stories, including those of clients he has served. Perhaps most importantly, Clarke makes the case for why immigrant lives matter and offers recommendations on how they can evolve, adapt and most importantly, thrive in today’s America.

Stay tuned for a release date and details about where you can access Clarke’s soon-to-be-published book.

Sekou Clarke is the founder of The Sekou Clarke Law Group, a firm that provides comprehensive counsel and representation for clients in Florida & New York and surrounding areas. As an immigrant himself, Clarke has a personal understanding of the immigrant experience, and he uses this understanding to deliver passionate and highly effective legal services for clients from all over the globe. Recognized for Excellence in Immigration Law by the Association of American Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40, Clarke routinely elevates the standards of his practice and fights relentlessly for the futures of his clients. To schedule your consultation, call (407) 269-8774 or contact us online today.