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Pres. Trump's Immigration Plan May Look Good for High Skilled Immigrants, But His Record Says Otherwise

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Much of the media coverage of the Trump administration’s latest immigration plan has focused on the implementation of a point-based system to the U.S. legal immigration system. The plan shifts immigration policy to focus on “high-skilled” immigrants instead of immigrants who are sponsored by U.S. citizens.

According to Trump, the proposed merit-based point system would favor people with “extraordinary talent,” “professional and specialized vocations,” and “exceptional academic track records.”

On the surface, it may seem like the Trump administration is taking its merit-based stance seriously, but the truth is, the administration has systematically prevented the high-skilled immigrants that tech companies prize from coming to the United States. In fact, executive orders issued by the President have made it even harder and more expensive for companies that want to hire high-skilled tech workers from other countries.

From shutting down a program that encouraged businesses to come to the U.S. to ending work permits for spouses of H-1B holders, high-skilled visas are on the decline, primarily due to policies implemented under Trump. Without the option of bringing their spouses and children with them when they come work in the U.S., high-skilled immigrants won’t be flocking to the U.S. tech industry any time soon, even if the policy will supposedly favor them over immigrants sponsored by family.

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